Sweeping Services

Parking Lot Sweeping Services

City Wide understands a well-maintained parking lot is key to not only attracting customers to your property but also to the life of your hardscape surfaces. The City Wide team specializes in sweeping shopping malls, shopping centers, and parking garages.

City Wide has the flexibility to customize your sweeping service schedule. “We have a noise ordinance program” to fit your requirements when you have a location that is surrounded by residential property. For further information or to obtain a bid for services, feel free to contact us at 866-219-1399, a representative will be more than happy to customize your sweeping service.

Street Sweeping/ Construction Sweeping

City Wide Provides Street Sweeping Services throughout California. With Offices in Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Fresno and Los Angeles, City Wide is able to provide Street Sweeping Services in your City. Street Sweeping provides two primary benefits to city streets. The more obvious benefit is the collection and removal of paper, leaves, and other visible debris that collect in the gutters. This debris can block stormwater drains, causing localized flooding during heavy rains. An equally important, but less visible benefit is the removal of metal particles and other hazardous waste products left by passing vehicles. Although they are virtually invisible, these particles can be extremely harmful to fish and other wildlife if they reach our creeks, rivers, beaches, and bays. Street sweeping is an effective method of removing both the large and microscopic pollutants that collect on City streets.

From Regenerative Air to Broom Sweepers, City Wide has the right equipment for your application. For more information on Street Sweeping / Construction Sweeping Services…

Please Contact us at 866.219.1399