The Best Under Pressure

Pressure Washing Services

With offices in Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, Los Angeles and Reno, Nevada, City Wide has the abilities to professionally wash your surfaces.

City Wide Maintenance Company Inc. has perfected the profession of pressure washing. Our range of pressure washing services gives us the winning edge your property deserves. City Wide utilizes hot water pressure washers along with water reclaim/filtration systems to properly clean all types of surfaces while properly reclaiming and recycling waste water. Our superior equipment enables us to service sidewalks, buildings, parking structures, and shopping centers.

City Wide practices BMP’s while performing pressure washing services. During each service, City Wide’s washing operators focus on gum, stains and build up. Utilizing hot water in conjunction with EPA approved bio-degradable detergents City Wide safely removes grease, oil, stains and build up from sidewalks, trash enclosures, buildings and many other surfaces. It is standard practice to squeegee down windows upon completion of our washing service.

Graffiti Removal

City Wide’s experience in Graffiti removal allows us to successfully remove graffiti and bring surfaces back to their original state. Our graffiti removal techniques are harmless to delicate surfaces and are able to successfully remove paint, marker and or ink from the most stubborn surface. Signs that have been vandalized with graffiti can get costly to replace, City wide’s graffiti removal process on painted signs and or painted surface can save you time and money. By utilizing our delicate surface removal, graffiti easily disappear without a trace of vandalism. Graffiti removal from masonry surfaces is smashing success. Steps taken to remove graffiti on what may look like stubborn surfaces will result in a complete removal of graffiti vandalism.